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Tiffany is your stereotypical All-American girl. 

An irresistible mix of Girly-girl and Tomboy! 

Usually sensitive and sweet but sometimes rowdy and rambunctious. Always fun loving and endearing. 

She exists as the youngest in a family of five with an abundance of pets for companionship. 

She has an older sister who is married with two children, making Tiffany an Aunt! 

Her brother recently left home to pursue a career in aviation.

She has several lifelong friends she enjoys spending time with on weekends. 

Some of her favorite hobbies are motorcycle riding with her Dad and sewing with her Grandma. 

Tiffany also has a very special relationship with her Mother who is her daughter's biggest advocate.

Ever since Tiffany was very little she has shown a strong interest in acting, modeling and performing and has had modest success in her pursuits. She studies acting on a regular basis and takes part in photo shoots and workshops whenever possible to improve her skills and increase her visibility. 

Tiffany is represented by two agents in Texas and has management in Los Angeles. 

She keeps a current California work permit and a Coogan account on file. 



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